Upcoming concerts in 2021


30.4 Walpurgisconcert 

17.5 Springconcert Florakören
Ticets can be purchased from Ticted as of 1.5


20.8 Prolog - The romantic mind

27.8 Premiere - The romantic mind
Additional performances: 1.9, 7.9, 17.9, 18.9, 23.9, 24.9, 30.9, 1.10, 8.10, 9.10, 15.10 (prolog)

16.10 Main act & Epilog - The romantic mind

26.11 Adventconsert (friday)

27.11 Adventconsert (saturday)




Every year Brahe Djäknar puts on a variety of concerts in Turku and elsewhere around the world. Yearly audience favorites like the Advent Concerts in the Turku Cathedral and the TV-broadcasted welcoming of spring at Vårdberget are a given, but in addition to these we also arrange many other concerts of varying sizes and themes. Our most commonly recurring concert partner is our sister choir Florakören, but we also sing together with other choirs during choir festivals or our tours of the world. As part of Åbo Akademi University we often sing at academical events, like the opening ceremony at the start of the school year, or the biennial doctoral promotion.


In addition to concerts with the whole choir singing, smaller groups also sing at different events. Brahe Djäknar provides quartets for academic festivities and birthdays as well as weddings. We also perform at company events and conferences. More information about quartet performances can be found here.